Abbraccio is Customizable
Abbraccio welcomes babies from 4 months on by offering them the pleasant sense of protection and support that your arms give and as each embrace is unique and unrepeatable, so this simple but effective child seat is tailor-made in order to best meet specific needs. 

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Your child grows and Abbraccio can be changed at any time by a qualified technician in order to promptly accommodate any changes and any new postural and functional needs. Height, width, depth, envelopmentand accessories can be adapted or modified simply and quickly without the need for new prescriptions.

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Headrest, armrests, side table, restraints and all other accessories are selected and constructed in accordance with the rehabilitation plan and the specific measurements of the child.
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Abbraccio is constructed by applying only what is necessary to support and protect the child, the goal in fact is to ensure the best posture with the maximum air envelopment. In addition, all the removable soft coatings are totally breathable in order to provide the ultimate comfort and thermoregulation, and are available in many colours.

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Abbraccio® is lightweight and versatile, it can in fact be used on inside or outside bases, but also on a chair at home or in the restaurant, on the couch or in the stroller that you already use, you can detach and reposition it where you want with simple gestures.

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Moins de préoccupations

"La maladie de mon fils est caractérisée, entre autres parmi les différents symptômes, par une importante hyperhidrose (transpiration excessive) qui s’accentuait beaucoup quand il était assis dans son ancien fauteuil en mousse. Grâce au fauteuil d’enfant Abbraccio il peut enfin rester assis pendant des heures sans soucis"



Ce que les mamans aiment
"Les deux choses que je préfère de Abbraccio sont les couleurs rose et violet comme la chambre de ma fille et également sa légèreté. Avec Abbraccio je peux faire les travaux domestiques tout en ayant Marta tranquille et toujours près de moi "




L'expérience de la thérapeute

"C’est le premier système que je rencontre qui permet de positionner les enfants de manière très efficace tout en étant léger et réglable comme les classiques systèmes posturaux prévus. "





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