How an Abbraccio is created?

Abbraccio® was born within the context of devotion to people and in particular to children and their world. In particular, in the nineties, in collaboration with the COU Children's Unit "Michele Bottos" in Bologna, we began a technical research which aimed to create a modular and lightweight chair in order to accommodate younger children with severe motor impairments. The postural knowledge, technologies and aesthetic tastes of the time gave rise to the "Stable Seat" in the early 2000s.

Although this chair represented an evolution compared with the previous posture systems, it presented some technical and aesthetic limits.
In 2011 new postural backrests began to be marketed in Italy, aesthetically appealing, lightweight and modular, Antoniana has their exclusive distribution rights in the Veneto region. The use of this system opens up new frontiers for postural solutions, but once again highlights the technical limitations that do not allow adequately posturing our young children.




In 2012, thanks to a close collaboration with the Regional Centre for Paediatric Palliative Care of Padova, the COU Children's unit "Michele Bottos" in Bologna and other centres which specialize in the field of paediatric rehabilitation, a new technical summary leading to the birth of Abbraccio® was reached.
Abbraccio® looks like a chair with all removable parts which can be changed over time, and which embraces the baby from its earliest months, offering a pleasant sense of protection and support just like his parents' arms. The comfort and postural stability are created by the combination of a shaped seat and front wedge and by a backrest with very enveloping torso containments that not only support, but also reassure the child nearly as much as maternal arms as they are custom built.
Abbraccio® is the result of a synergy between different skills and sensitivities, particularly among: the technical team of Ortopedia Antoniana (Orthopaedics), physiotherapists and doctors, but also parents and care givers.
This is why Abbraccio® is a continually evolving project, details and accessories can be quickly modified during production and bring improvements benefiting all children using Abbraccio®



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