TRAINING FOR CLINICAL ASSISTANTS (doctors, physiotherapists, neuro-psychometricians.)
In order to learn about the Abbraccio® project in detail and discover its specifications, we suggest a meeting whose duration and content can be arranged together in total freedom.



Program proposal

  10 min How an Abbraccio® is created...
  20 min Every Abbraccio® is unique... a system which is custom made, modular and customizable at all times
  20 min The particular technical features of Abbraccio®, all the accessories which can be personalized
  10 min The versatility of Abbraccio® and the pre-set bases
  10 min Our hearts within an Abbraccio®

  20 min

Photos and videos


A certificate of attendance will be issued at the end of the meeting together with a pen drive containing all information and "The Hug" book will be donated to your service.






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